Count Your Days

The World's most advanced real time location based auditing system.
David M
Director Swiss Bank
As a resident of Switzerland I have to be very careful counting my days. CYD gives me clarity and confidence.
New York
Traveling interstate weekly has in the past caused me to be exposed for out of state taxes, CYD gives me an audit trail I never had before.
Tax Advisor London
Tax Audits have a cost not only to my clients. CYD saves my clients money and my firm's time. It is a must for anyone living and working in different tax jurisdictions.

Corporate and individual travel creates tax exposures that are costing individuals and companies millions every year.

CYD uses a simple 4 step set up manager which enables the user to input their residency details, including countries they spend significant time in.

CYD then suggests tax years, legal time requirements and limitations per jurisdiction automatically.


Location based auditing


CYD uses state of the art technology to log your location and create an encrypted geographical audit daily.

Powerful dashboard


Clean and easy to understand visualisation which shows time spent and limits applied to your various jurisdictions.

One button reporting


Granular, One click reporting for personal or tax advisor use.

CYD uses 2 forms of location verification in order to validate and substantiate where you are daily.